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The Making of Canna-Soothe

Born in San Francisco
Built in Santa Rosa

Our story begins in 2005 in San Francisco with the creation of a product known as the Jolly-Lolly.

Way back in the early days of (2003) medical cannabis in California, I was exposed to my first hash oil hard candy.  This product was available at two locations in San Francisco, The Love Shack and The Vapor Room. 

They sold for about $5 and contained sativa dominant hash oil.  At the time, I was a newbie to the differences between sativa and indica.

I remember being amazed at the uplifting effects of sativa and wondered why anyone would use a pharma based anti-depressant or stimulant when something as potent and effective as sativa was available in nature.

So began the journey to “sativa the world” and raise awareness of this medically and recreationally viable option.  Jolly Meds was unofficially formed and the sativa based Jolly-Lolly was a hit.

A few years later, after some retailers asked me to develop another hard candy product, I released the first lozenges. 

The initial taste profile was a menthol/eucalyptus base, with lemon and cherry flavors and indica and sativa variants and interestingly named Canni-Soothe.  This was followed by our fruit flavored lozenges and eventually in 2012 Jolly introduced one of the first hi cbd/low thc edibles available in the USA, known as the CBD-OO.

The early foray into hi-cbd edibles became one of the best-selling products and were prominently featured on the shelves of Harborside and other marquis cannabis retailers.

canna soothe lozenges strawberry sativa and tangerine indica

Over the last 2 years, I spent a good deal of time consulting for other cannabis operators. The work was enjoyable and helped me focus the business model for an artisanal operator in the new regulated market.

Canna-Soothe’s partners represent select specialized manufacturing, extract specialists, trusted testing lab, and focused full service distro operators. Canna-Soothe is now based in Santa Rosa and part of California’s Sonoma County with its old school cannabis magic and blend of progressive, earth conscious regulated operators.  

Canna-Soothe’s new lozenge is artisanal and hand crafted. Pulling from confectionary history, the new Canna-Soothe lozenge is hand panned and coated. The panning (also called coating) process keeps the pieces from getting sticky and tacking to each other. Each piece is separated and cured to dryness before entering the packaging phase. 

The artisanal lozenges are chewy and offer the option of slow dissolving or biting into them.

Canna-Soothe products use the highest quality full plant spectrum strain specific crude oils. 

Our full spectrum extracts are rich with original plant terpenes provide well rounded effective results.

This unique approach allows us to reduce the plastic footprint, not require individual wrapping of the pieces, and use a compact case made with recycled plastics.

Canna-Soothe artisanal fruit chews are initially available in our all-natural sugar based formula with sativa and indica dominant options appealing to recreational consumers and offering viable medicinal applications.

Each piece is 5mg THC providing accurate and manageable potency levels. All-natural fruit flavors of strawberry and tangerine are now available.  

Coming soon Canna-Soothe’s next set of products will be menthol/eucalyptus based lozenges with lemon and cherry flavors and sativa and indica options.  These may be especially helpful during the cold and flu season and other ongoing health concerns. After that, Canna-Soothe will launch its sugar free xylitol-based mints.  More on that soon!!

canna soothe lozenges strawberry sativa and tangerine indica
canna soothe lozenges strawberry sativa and tangerine indica

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Say hello whether you knew us back in the Jolly Meds / J:MEDS days and if you are just getting to know us.  Canna-Soothe is here to create an experience of products and community.

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